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Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair

Windows & Software Installation

Windows installation is not a problem. Just make an appointment and get your desired Registered Windows installed at your home. We make our customers happy in our IT services.


Virus Removal

Common PC problems are those relating to viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and other types of malware. No PC is immune to viruses and malware, even with the best antivirus protection!

Most viruses these days are in the guise of popups, fake programs and scans designed to get your money and credit card details. Others are more serious and can take over your computer completely. New and potentially devastating viruses can encrypt all of your data on your hard drive and wipe all of your documents if you do not pay a ransom fee – this can also affect any backup drives you have connected at the time. Thankfully there are solutions available that can minimise these risks.

Important: Always seek professional advice when your computer is infected with a virus to ensure that it is fully and correctly removed.

Data Recovery

If you have lost data from your hard drive, or another storage device, we may be able to help. Further use of the pc may prevent the successful recovery of your data so turn off your computer as soon as possible and seek professional advice from one of our friendly staff.

PC Health Check

If it has been a while since you have had your computer serviced, it may be full of dust & fluff which can cause the system to overheat – shortening the life of your computer. We can clean it out properly  and give it a proper health check so it runs quicker as well.

 Hardware Repair

We do minor repair at customer's home in minimum time. In case of major repair our Engineers take the device at our workshop. We always care about your privacy and your satisfaction.

 Spare Parts

No need to take your device(PC or Laptop) to the local market. Save your time and change/upgrade your device spare parts at your home by our Expert Engineers. We provide spare parts installation in a smart way. (Battery, Device Screen, Patch Cords, Data Cords, Power Cords, Power Jacks RAM, Hard Disk Drives and others)

Do you want to repair your IT device?

Don't worry. Just book an appointment on given option on the right or call our customer care for our expert engineer visit. Hotline +92 (3) 111-715-111.